The Columbia Valley is a very special place. Those in the know happily attempt to explain the feeling they get as they approach from time away…an almost indescribable sensation of their whole being getting a little lighter, a little more excited, a little more relaxed with each step closer. The tantalizing mixture of history, amenities, and natural beauty has long drawn Albertans on long weekends and vacations, with many calling the area their second home. 

Located in southeast British Columbia, the Columbia Valley has long been a popular destination for Alberta visitors and second homeowners and is made up of many great destinations and towns including Invermere, Radium, Windermere, Panorama Mountain Village, Canal Flats and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. 

The area is an all-season paradise with multiple ski hills and golf courses and the natural playground created by Lake Windermere and the surrounding Rocky and Purcell mountains. Summer water sports give way for winter lake skating and hockey, warm autumn hikes at sunrise are replaced by fresh downhill powder, and late patio dinners become cozy fireside chats. At certain points of the year, golf and ski are even possible on the same day!

Even getting here is a treat as the scenic highway 93 offers a chance to slow down and truly enjoy the ride. Being surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers and streams as you travel absolutely helps your body, mind and spirit know that something good is coming!